Performance Guarantee 

We have great confidence you will love your PrestigeTool products! That's why every purchase comes with a 30-day Risk Free period. You get to try out our tools to see if the performance and quality matches our claims, if they don't then you are illegible to apply for a refund or replacement. Read below for more information.

*Products must be used for their intended purpose and as instructed.*

For our classic range of tools

We understand that shopping online can be difficult. It's hard to judge the quality and workmanship by just looking at photos. It's also equally hard to just believe a companies claims. But we back ours claims 100% and that's why you get to try it risk-free and decide for yourself!

This does not include any accidental damage, if the product is damaged during use then you as the customer are liable. If the product is damaged during shipping then please read below.

For more information on our standard refund policy please click here.

Iron Clad Shipping Guarantee

We also understand that products may get damaged during shipping or could have manufacturing faults. That's why we also give you 7-days from the day you receive your product to test it and see if everything is working as it should be. 

YOU MUST however get in-touch with us immediately (within the first 7 days) if you notice any issues with your product, otherwise you will not qualify for a replacement/refund. 

How to claim:

1. If the product isn't work for you, get in touch with us by filling out the form below.
2. We will then ask you a few questions and provide you with all the necessary information to use the tool effectively. 
3. If after following our instructions, the tool still does not work for you, please send us a video showing clearly the steps you have taken. 
4. Once we receive the video, we will offer you any further additional support if we see that you aren't using the tool effectively. If you are following the instructions perfectly, then we will deem the tool to be faulty and provide you with a refund/replacement.
5. All refunds will then be processed and will return to your account within 5 business days.

Please fill in your information

You can find the information we need in the first mail (confirmation email) we sent you after you bought the products.

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