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We were shocked to learn about how many people in America we're unable to do home maintenance and improvements themselves, without the need for specialist help. 

We realized that most people just didn't have to tools and knowledge to do things themselves. So we set out to empower and teach people all over America how to take care of and improve their homes using our amazing tools. 

Our flagship Circuit Breaker Finder is the first tool we decided would help. Most people don't know how their circuit breaker box works or don't know the best way to find the right breaker switch to turn off before doing any maintenance. 

Most people either:

  1. Manually testing each breaker switch themselves
  2. Hassle someone into helping them test each breaker switch manually. 
  3. Use a complicated trick to test each breaker switch manually.
  4. Or just turn off the enitre houses power - causing everyone problems.

This isn’t the most effective way and actually causes more harm than good because:

      •  Waste your precious time.
      • Risks electrocution meddling with the switches.
      • Damage your household appliances by turning the power on/off.

With our circuit breaker finder, you can pinpoint the right breaker switch in minutes. All you have to do is:

  1. Plug the receiver into the socket, lightbulb or livewire that you are after.
  2. Head over to the breaker box and scan each breaker with the transmitter.
  3. The transmitter will then beep on only one breaker (the correct one).
  4. You can then turn off the exact breaker you’re after without meddling with the rest.

Save yourself the hassle and get one of our circuit breakers today!

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