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220V Circuit Breaker Pro (NEW)
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+ Bonus Built-In GFCI Tester (Save $30)

+ Bonus Built-In Torch (Save $15)

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The ultimate circuit breaker finder for all purposes, made for both home and commercial  use with a voltage range of up to 220v. 

  • Find the correct switch in under 4 mins

  • 100 % accuracy every time

  • No help needed

  • Automatic sensitivity adjustment

  • Designed for both US Home & Commercial use


Try It 100% Risk Free. Love it or your money back!

I can't believe how accurate it is at pinpointing the breaker I'm after. I love how EASY it is to use too!

Greg Warner


  • Specifications

What's in the box:

1x Circuit Breaker Finder (Receiver)

1x Socket Tester (Transmitter)

1x User Manual

1x Tool Case (Special Offer)


Transmitter - 198x40x50 mm

Receiver - 63x70 mm


Operating Voltage - 110 to 220VAC (designed to work perfectly with standard US sockets both home & industrial)

Working Frequency - 50-60Hz (perfect for normal US sockets)

Power - 9V Battery (not included, but can be bought easily at any hardware or convenience store)

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My job requires me to find breakers & this makes it extremely easy!

Antony Clark


Don't Waste Hours. Do What The Pros Do.

Plug and Play

Our circuit breaker finder requires little to no learning, all you have to do is plug and scan. This means you'll be able to pinpoint the breaker you're looking for as soon as it arrives, without having to waste any time!

The correct breaker every time!

Our circuit breaker pro comes with automatic sensitivity adjustment so you no longer have to adjust the sensitivity manually yourself. It will automatically adjust the frequency to suit your needs. This means that you'll get 100% accuracy every time without having to do anything, saving you time and energy.

Guaranteed to work for you

Our circuit breaker finder was designed with US sockets and homes in mind, so you can be sure it'll work perfectly for you. Saving you the hassle of purchasing additional adapters. You'll be able to save hours of time, right out of the box!

Love it or your money back!

Try our Circuit Breaker Finder 100% RISK FREE for 30 days.

Features We Know You'll Love

GFCI Tester

Visual Indicator

Automatic Sensitivity Adjuster

Low-Power Indicator

US Plug Type

Audio Indicator

110-220 Voltage Support

High Quality Materials

How it works

Only takes 3 easy steps and a few minutes!

Plug it in

Plug the transmitter into the socket you are after or use the extension kit (sold separately) to plug into a livewire or lightbulb.

Scan the Breaker box

Head over to the breaker box and slowly start scanning each breaker with the receiver starting with the first one.

Turn off the right one

The receiver will then beep on only one breaker switch. Turn this switch off and you are ready to begin your project!

What Makes Us Special

Find out why customers love our Circuit Breaker Finder over other solutions.

100% Accuracy

Easy To Use

Solid Build Quality

Light Weight

Money-back Guarantee

Amazing Customer Service

Try It Risk Free

Shipping Protection

If your order gets damaged during shipping, we will happily replace it for you for FREE. 

30-Day Trial

Try our circuit breaker finder for 30 days. Donʼt like it? Get a 100% refund. No questions

Secure Checkout

We use SSL security to ensure all your personal information is encrypted and safe.

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Isaac T.
United States United States

As an electrician, time is always of the essence. The circuit breaker pro has revolutionized the way I work. No more trial and error, no more frustration searching for the right breaker switch. This tool saves me an incredible amount of time and energy on every job. A must-have for any electrician.

Gavin J.
United States United States

I manage construction sites, and efficiency is key. The circuit breaker pro is a game-changer for my team. It cuts down on downtime, streamlines our work process, and prevents unnecessary disruptions. It's become an indispensable tool for our projects.

Evan T.
United States United States

I'm a site manager, and I've tried various tools to simplify our tasks. The circuit breaker pro stands out as a remarkable time-saver. It's accurate, easy to use, and has become an essential asset for anyone overseeing complex electrical systems.

Max W.
United States United States

Working as a handyman, I often deal with different electrical systems. The circuit breaker pro has transformed how I approach my work. It's a reliable companion that makes finding the right breaker switch a breeze. It's like having an assistant that knows the circuits inside out.

Lincoln F.
United States United States

Precision matters in electrical work, and the circuit breaker pro delivers exactly that. As an electrician, I appreciate the time it saves me when identifying breaker switches. It's proven to be a valuable tool that enhances my productivity.

Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is it?

Every circuit and breaker box is very likely to be different. That's why our circuit breaker pro comes with automatic sensitivity adjustment that will hone in one the right frequency for every job. This allows for 100% accuracy every time. 

How easy is it to use?

Our circuit breaker finder was designed with ease in mind and can be used by just about anyone. All you have to do is plug the transmitter into the socket you are after, head over to the breaker box and scan each breaker switch with the receiver until it tells you which one is the correct one. You can then switch the correct breaker switch off!

What sockets is it compatible with?

Our circuit breaker finder was designed with US sockets and homes in mind and will work with any standard US socket (GFCI). 

What voltage range does it work with?

Our circuit breaker find works at an operating Voltage of 110 to 220 VAC (designed to work perfectly with standard US sockets).

Can I use it to test lightbulbs or live wires?

Yes, with our extension adapter kit (sold separately) you will not only be able to check sockets but also lightbulbs and livewires!

What is a GFCI tester and how does it work?

What does a GFCI tester do?

The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) tester is used to reduce the risk of electrical shock generated from outlets by testing the electrical circuitry to see if there is imminent danger. This lets you test if the circuits in your home/building have been set up properly and are functioning the way they should be. 

How does it work?

You simply plug the Transmitter into the socket you want to test and then press the GFCI testing button. It will then indicate with its inbuilt lights if everything is okay, or if there is an issue and what the issue is. 

What can it test?

- Open Ground

- Open Neutral

- Open Hot

- Hot/NEU Reverse

- Hot/GND Reverse

- Hot on NEU with Hot open

How should I adjust the sensitivity?

Our circuit breaker pro version comes with a unique and very important feature, automatic sensitivity adjustment, so you no longer have to manually adjust the frequency yourself. The circuit breaker finder will hone in and pinpoint the best frequency by itself. 

Does the power have to be on for it to work?

Yes, in order for the circuit breaker finder to work, you must have power in your house/building going to the socket that you are after. 

Is the switch made so it won't turn on accidentally in a tool box?

Yes, the power switch was designed so that it is very hard for it to be accidentally turned on. 

Where do you ship from?

We have multiple warehouses around the world including the US, Europe and China. Depending on stock levels and shipping times, we will ship from the location that will get you the product you want, in the fastest time. 

If this product doesn't work for me, can I get my money back?

Yes, we back the quality and performance of our products. If the product doesn't work for you, then you have up to 30 days (from the time you receive the product) to get in touch with us for a refund. 

For more information on our guarantees, please visit our guarantees page.

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